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Covid -19 no problem for British Shooting

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

Last July British Shooting were facing a problem with their normal Schools Shooting Competition. With the challenge of shoulder to shoulder competitions being threatened, Gorgs Reed from British Shooting, reached out to Quick Scoring to see whether there was an alternative solution.

After lengthy discussions and brainstorming, a solution was found.

To create an entry solution which did the following things ...

  • Took Payment

  • Allow unique schools to be selected based on County selection

  • Ability to upload shooting targets (high res Jpegs)

  • Enter Target Scores

  • Enter Athlete details, Name DOB, Contact details

Once an entry was taken the officials at British Shooting verified the entered scores

This was eaisly achieved with the ability for staff at British Shooting to "View" each target as a jpg and then make amends where neccesary.

Then when all the scores were verified, teams were dynamically set (based on the three best scores from a school, and if equal using a count back solution)

The Solution doesn't end there ... views and lists were available to British Shooting to allow them to mail all prize winners from the regions and send the Final Targets which were security branded to help with authentic scoring for the Final Round.

To see more about the British Shooting Schools Pistol Competition have a look here

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