A bit about Quick Scoring Solutions .. 


As a “has been” rider and now father to two children starting out on their ponies I am forever reminded

of one of the biggest challenges to Equestrian sport. From Pony Club to the lower and mid-levels of Equestrian sport the age-old problem of waiting for the scores has been ever-present. 


As a Pony Clubber from the age of 10, I competed in Area SJ, Horse Trials and Tetrathlon, the latter at Championships level tasting team success with the Warwickshire Branch in 1994. After leaving the Pony Club at 21, I continued to help run tetrathlon events and developed a secretary database for the entries and data manipulation for tetrathlon competitions.


 The database was then used for the Tetrathlon championships and to date, I have trained 6 HQ Tetrathlon secretaries how to use it. This has been developed/improved as the competition has changed over the years. Most recently I have been involved with Championship wash-up meetings and was asked to be on the National Tetrathlon Committee.

However this "lean" approach to the process of a competitors journey should not be limited to equestrian sport .. essentially any sport which has a high number of disciplines/competitors and currently cannot get the results out .. can't get them online quick enough has teh ability to be improved.