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Complex competition ... No Problem!

Recently we hosted over 400 competitors in two different competitions on the same weekend the volume of competitors is not a problem .. the biggest challenge was the complexity of one of the competitions. For One Scoresheet there were 4 classes being scored and positioned (and then sub scoring on a permutation of some of the classes)!

As such there have been some changes:

- Setup changed to allow multiple scoresheets** per class (allowing for a class to be entered into two comps Tet and Tri entries both appearing as a Tri.)

- Scoring based on setup … so for the multiple scoresheet per class - remove a phase calculation .. also hide that column based on whether it is being scored or not.

- Scoresheets - to automatically hide lines without competitors .. (was manual and hence prone to error)

- For Swim, Shoot, Run and Bean Bag auto-hiding of Rows where there are no competitors (was manual and hence prone to error) - also the ability to mark (via a checkbox where a competitor hasn’t started) when checked it shows the score as 0 - then the central printing function knows whether to close a class.

- Bean bag logic amended to properly score for different input methods either the total for a set of 5 {and then the 2nd 5} OR allow to enter the number achieved with each throw (8 , 6, 10 etc) but both will deliver the score correctly.

- Position skip function - global switch .. to allow 1, 2= (for 2 competitors) then 4th OR 1,2= (for 2 compettitors) then third.

- Prizegiving and alerts .. created via external sheet - as well as position skip function override per scoresheet. No Edit access required for Score sheets

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